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John P. Denholm


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Houston criminal lawyer John P. Denholm is an attorney licensed to practice in all Texas Courts and admitted to the federal bar in both the Eastern and Southern Districts of Texas. John holds a law degree from South Texas College of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Texas.

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, John enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 17 and was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. When his enlistment was up, John was honorably discharged, and he began the start of what would be a 31-year career in law enforcement by working as a Killeen Police Officer. John left Killeen and joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. John enjoyed a distinguished career of over 27 years with the Sheriff’s Office. When John retired from the department at the rank of lieutenant, John was commanding the Homicide & Robbery. John held a Master Peace Officer’s License from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. (TCOLE).

John was also trained by Northwestern University in Illinois as an accident investigator. This training, along with a prior assignment as a Sergeant in HCSO Homicide, led to John commanding the Traffic Enforcement Division for 7 years. This unit was responsible for investigating serious and fatal accidents as well as commercial vehicle enforcement. John’s training as an accident investigator and being formerly trained and licensed as an Intoxilyzer operator in the Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program, gives John a unique perspective when dealing with cases that involve alcohol, an accident, or both. John understands the special rules for CDL holders and how being charged with a crime can significantly impact a person’s ability to hold that license.

As an attorney, John draws upon this training and experience to benefit his clients. Whether those clients have criminal matters, family matters, or other general matters, John is able to analyze evidence to find benefits for his clients. In his years with the Sheriff’s Office, John spent a total of 14 years working death investigations. This extensive experience dealing with the most serious of cases has given John an eye for detail that few Houston criminal lawyers have.

John is also an experienced family law attorney and understands how family law and criminal cases are often intertwined. John is familiar with unsubstantiated claims of child abuse or domestic violence as one party tries to advance its position in a family law case by filing criminal charges on the other party. Being experienced in both family law and criminal law allows John to see the whole picture and use discovery processes in both cases to advance his client’s position. John’s experience as an investigator benefits his clients as a deposition and cross-examination are actually interrogations. As a trained interrogator, John is trained in how to detect deception and then bore in. John’s long experience in law enforcement has taught him to never accept things at face value.

John has handled all types of criminal cases; from Class C misdemeanors up to Murder. John knows that no matter what a person is charged with, in criminal cases, the State of Texas holds most of the cards. Even when inexperience, inadequate training, failure to follow proper procedures, and “tunnel vision” result in flawed police investigations, the State has the power to bring about charges and obtain a conviction. However, John’s background and experience gives him the ability as a Houston criminal lawyer to pick apart all aspects of a case and hold the State’s “feet to the fire.”